Scheduling & Fees

Reserving a Date
Once all parties agree upon a date, please reserve the date by email to: Upon confirmation of the date, the minimum fee will become due and payable within two days.

Mediation fees are charged at $300.00 per hour, prorated at six minute intervals for all additional time used. The mediation will incur a minimum charge of one (1) hours, upon confirmation of your mediation date.

Terms and Conditions
Mediation is conducted pursuant to the California Code of Civil Procedure and all case law, which addresses the conduct of a mediation. The mediation will be subject to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure where applicable. Once a mediation date is set on a calendar, the parties will submit a confidential brief no later than 72 hours prior to the scheduled mediation.

Cancellations made more than four days prior to the scheduled mediation will not incur a cancellation fee. All cancellations less than four days before the mediation will incur a cancellation fee of one hour ($300.00).